The benefits and merits of prostration to the three sacred objects of the Buddha (Images, Scriptures and Stupas) through great devotion and respect of body, speech and mind are as follows.

From My Master’s Words of Scripture: palms placed on the forehead will purify the obstructions of body/action, in the throat will purify speech impediments and in front of the heart will purify the mind. Then by placing the five points on the body (forehead, both palms, and both knees) on the floor, the mental defilements of the five poisons will be purified, and one will receive the blessings of body, speech, and mind of all the activities of the enlightened Buddha.

Blessings that are carried out continuously have infinite merit. Once when Ananda asked the Buddha about the merits of a monk performing prostrations on a stupa containing the Buddha’s hair and nails, the Buddha replied: Performing namaskaras just once, one will have the merit of being reborn as a king in the world for a number of times equivalent to particles covered by the ground when prostrated; and henceforth the merits are boundless.

The Sutra states: “The invisible crown of the Buddha’s head is the fruit of his sincere prostrations with respect and devotion to his spiritual master.

As stated in the Avalokithesvara Sutra:

“If you kneel before the Buddha Stupa, you will become a brave and domineering emperor, and will be bestowed with golden emperor robes. And in the end you will become a great teacher and will be found by the Buddha.”

The Dharma of White Lotus states:

“Anyone who places palms together, whether hands or only one hand; or heads prostrate for a moment, and prostrate with devotion for the Buddha’s relics is said to attain immediate liberation.”

The Sutra of Stainless Rays states:

“If any noble son or daughter prostrate, perform prayers or make offerings to the Buddha Stupa; they will never be kept from the enlightened path. And all their past karmic obstructions will be purified as well.”

The Tantric texts of Magical Emanaton Net states:

“If the merits of showing respect through the means of the three doors and taking namskaras to the holy image of the Buddha, have the form of a body, it will not fit on this earth.”

From the magical formula of prostrations:

“Representation under the presence of the Three Jewels, if one recites the mantra ‘Kunchok Sum La Chak Tsal Lo (Respect to the Three Jewels) with full prostrations and prostrations three times, one will accumulate merit equal to the benefits derived from hearing, thinking and practicing the Scriptures Tri Pitaka. If one performs prostrations three times daily continuously, one will reach the stage of Clear Realization of Truth in this life span, and will not be disturbed or harmed by human interference or evil spirits until one attains that stage.”

Therefore, it is best that one always prostrate with respect by knowing the benefits and merits of prostration to Buddha statues, scriptures and stupas which have been stated in various scriptural texts.