Sarana Loka which is a non-profit organization which carries out activities to turn the wheel of dharma by holding weekly pujas (dharma practices), dharma talks every Thursday to spread the teachings of Buddha Dharma especially Vajrayana, as well as holding large pujas outside the Vihara with the aim of provide benefit and happiness to all living beings.

Ways and Types of Donations

Monastery Loka Facilities

We would like to inform all Buddhists that we are also raising money to help Sarana Loka Monastery of South India to support around 4000 Lamas and Ani in Dharma study activities. Those who wish to participate and contribute to this merit can contact the Board of Sarana Loka Foundation

Puja Sponsors

Tsog Offering: Tsog means lucky. It is said that making the Tsog offering is the most splendid offering of all the benevolent activities. Wishes will be fulfilled in this life, removing obstacles and distractions and increasing luck. If you wish to participate in our regular sponsorship puja by donating for the Tsog Offering, please contact the Sarana Loka Admin. The Puja that has the Tsog Offering is Guru Padmasambhava Puja, usually every 10th of Tibetan and Dakini Puja which is usually every 25th according to the Tibetan calendar.

Mahakala Puja Monthly: This Mahakala Puja aims to remove outer, inner and secret barriers. All the problems faced by living things are inseparable from disturbances and obstacles caused by many things. It is very good to participate in regular Monthly Mahakala Puja activities by making offerings to Mahakala. If you want to participate in sponsoring the Monthly Mahakala Puja on a regular basis through donations for offerings to Mahakala, you can register the name of the parishioners with the Sarana Loka Admin.

Other Pujas: Apart from the pujas mentioned above which are obligatory, namely Puja Rigzin Duepa, Puja Dakini Yuma Dechen Gyalmo, Puja Guru Dragpo Takyung Barwa and Puja 21 Dzambala, we also perform other pujas such as Puja Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara, Puja Amitabha, Puja Medicine Buddha/Bhaisajya Guru Buddha, Puja Bodhicitta Oath, Puja King Gesar, Puja Vajrasatta, Puja Chau Tu, etc. People can also participate in sponsoring these puja activities through donations.

Sponsor for Installing Pelita Rupang

Invites generous donors to collect merit by offering lamps to the Buddhas. Following are some of the benefits of offering lamps according to the Sutra of Singing Brahma:

  1. One becomes like the Winner of the World
  2. One attains clairvoyance of pure vision
  3. One attains divine eye
  4. one receives wisdom to know good and bad
  5. One can eliminate delusion, the concept of existence that has existed from the very beginning
  6. One receives the Enlightenment of Wisdom even in samsara. He will never experience darkness
  7. One receives a great treasure of enjoyment
  8. One is reborn as a human or a god
  9. One will quickly be liberated from samsara
  10. One will quickly attain enlightenment